The Non-Profit Foundation

I chose to join the non-profit foundation’s product team because it was one of the most innovative, agile and strategic teams I had encountered. I was brought in to bring consistency to our network of web properties, develop the organization’s pattern library and design system, and rethink our fundraising platform’s user experience.

Those efforts resulted in year-over-year increases of all key performance indicators, including a 54% increase in the number of donations, a 79% increase in the number of fundraising campaigns and a 99% increase in the amount raised.


Local vs. National

After the consolidation of our 80+ regional sites into a single national site, we quickly realized that there was a need for our local branches to retain their own identity, voice and content. The challenge was making sure that allowing our branches to have their own sites wouldn’t result in the duplication of national content and resources, or create confusion in users’ minds as they wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the national and local sites’ purpose and offerings. Our solution was to offer branches a modular landing page template, providing users with a mix of national resources and customizable regional content and flavor.



The events section being one of the most visited pages on our main site required us to pay special attention to it. The redesign focused on creating the optimal experience for users, arming them with a robust search experience, enabling them to quickly find events, participants and venues, along with a set of tabs for more specific results. We also color-coded the event cards, with section-specific branded colors, making the content easily scannable.



While designing the pages for the yearly awareness campaign, I decided to create prototypes to help convey the concept, animation and transitions to stakeholders, cross-functional team members, and the development team.