“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” - Ayn Rand

I ask a lot of questions, which is why a career in design makes sense. I constantly question theories and assumptions, not to be a pain, but in order to understand the reasoning behind the decisions and choices people make, as well as their purpose.

I also have answers, which I also attribute to a career in design. The works displayed on this site are solutions to problems and challenges I helped come up with, for brands and users alike, at one point or another. I designed each one of those experiences as an answer to a question, and a  solution to a problem. And being that I’ve played a leadership role on all of those projects is also a testament to the power of teamwork.

What I create doesn’t have much to do with me as a person. It’s about finding and crafting the story and the purpose. Bringing people together and achieving things we didn’t think we could.

You’re probably here because you have questions of your own, and perhaps I could help you find the answers…

Drop me a line: it.plainandsimple@gmail.com

Ismael T. – Product Designer – NYC